Bishop Terry Angel Mason

Born in Los Angeles, California, Mason has homes in Los Angeles, and San Diego, California, where he currently resides. Angel (as he prefers to be called) began writing poetry and music at the age of eight. He was educated at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He is an author, poet, singer, songwriter, and Civil Rights Activist. Angel Mason has written two dynamic books entitled -- Love Won't Let Me Be Silent and most recently, They Say That I am Broken, both published by iUniverse.

Mason is a positive thinker and humanitarian who fervently believes that every man's intellect is a gift from God, bestowed upon him not just for the purpose of elevating one's self to dignity and wealth, but also to help improve the lives of individuals who are disenfranchised and less fortunate. Though often criticized for it, he believes in Divine revelation and boldly declares that his compositions whether they are musical or literary works, are inspired only when God "draws back the curtain" revealing to him what to say, write and do!

Without question, Angel Mason is an extraordinary poet who eloquently expands and redefines the traditional idea of the love poem in creative and ingenious ways. Mason's literary compositions have consistently earned him numerous literary nominations; while at the same time, gaining a place of reverence in the hearts and minds of thousands of readers -- both men and women worldwide. His electrifying writings are destined to make him one of the foremost voices of the African-American experience. We have no doubt that the artistry and enduring vision that Mason demonstrates in his compelling books will inspire a revolutionary awakening world-wide; and continue to influence our culture, reshape our thinking, and touch our hearts and lives for decades!

Mason's extraordinary accomplishments are not limited, however, to the written and spoken word; he has distinguished himself through a vital and challenging musical ministry as well. Even at an early age, it became apparent to educators that Mason was a child prodigy, gifted with the ability to write beautiful poetic lyrics, compose music, sing, and play the piano. Even today, elected officials often request Mason and his choirs to sing at numerous events such as the State of the City Address, national conventions, inaugural celebrations,and nationally televised events where world-class leaders, former Presidents, and other renowned artists and entertainers are often in attendance.

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